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Packaging materials are important. So have a look at what we use.

When you think packaging materials you might just think box, sellotape and bubble wrap. You’re nearly there, but there are some other important materials we use as well.

Here’s a list of Packaging Supplies Mitcham we offer.



They’re the most important piece of our packaging toolbox. We have them in all shapes and sizes, specifically designed to optimise safety and space. And they pack down nice and flat when you’re done with them as well.



A coat hanger across the top makes this box ideal for transporting clothes without creasing. These boxes allow us to move your clean, crisp clothes from your wardrobe to our boxes and back into your new wardrobe without any folding, creasing or damage of any kind.



For those more delicate items. These cartons are designed to keep mirrors, paintings and glass table tops as safe as possible during the journey. The cardboard is double padded to protect your fragile items from any potential damage.



Sellotape! The glue that keeps our boxes closed and our business moving fast. But we don’t spend time fiddling around trying to find the end of the tape like Joe Bloggs wrapping presents at Christmas, we have guns. Or dispensers, if you like. Have you ever seen a removal man use a sellotape gun? It’s a form of art. One swift motion and the top of the box is sellotaped nicely shut. Easy.



We don’t want your mattress getting dusty now, do we? That’s why we use mattress covers to protect them from any unwanted dirt and smells that might be picked up in transit. It can be a bit of a task fitting a mattress into one the plastic covers, but watching our team doing it you would think it was light work! But it’s not only your mattress that we want to protect. We also use general-purpose dust covers. General-purpose because they double up as cushioning covers to use between furniture and boxes in our lorries. Your tables, chairs and sofas are safe with us and our dust covers.



This is what we use to fill in the gaps in boxes and wrap around fragile items. And yes, you can pop the bubbles when we’re done with it!