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Packing all your belongings into boxes before the move takes time. A lot of time. People often underestimate how long careful packing can take – it’s not just a case of bunging any old thing into a box and sellotaping it closed. Poor packing is one of the most common causes of damage during a move.

And the damage isn’t the only danger. You don’t want to underestimate how long it will take you to pack, only to end up paying more on the day because you didn’t manage to get it done in time.

Luckily we offer a professional packing service to take this trouble off your mind.

Here’s how we do it

The first thing to do is to select the right box. We use multiple boxes designed for different functions to ensure optimum safety of the packaged items. For more details view our packaging materials page.

Once we have selected a suitable box we carefully pack items from the same room together, making sure the box isn’t either too empty or too full. We know exactly how much we can pack the boxes to ensure they stay intact on the journey. Empty boxes can collapse in transit, and boxes that are too full might explode and damage the contents. If the items are delicate then we add some foam to cushion them from any bumps and scrapes.

The reason we place items from the same room into boxes is to make the process quicker and easier at both ends. We can then label the boxes according to which room they came from, meaning that you will be able to find and locate anything you want a lot easier than if they were randomly spread across a lot of boxes.

If you choose our packaging service then this will all be done for you in an organised and effective way. We have experience gained through hundreds of moves to organise, pack and label as quickly and safely as possible.

Each product needs a different technique to ensure safe transport. And we’ve seen them all – antiques, plates and cutlery, clothes and food. We’ve gained the expertise that you don’t have. Fragile goods might cause you a headache; to us, it’s just another day on the job.

It’s this expertise that you will be gaining when you choose Removal Packing Service Mitcham’s best professional packing service.