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You’ve finally sorted to a new house. With all the stress and hassle of talking to estate agents and your bank, you hadn’t even started to think of the removal process.

But now you have to. It’s almost overwhelming, looking around at your full house and your oversized furniture.

‘How am I going to fit a sofa through the front door?’ you wonder. ‘How am I going to pack all of the glasses away without breaking any of them, or carry the table down the stairs?’

Removals Mitcham can be a scary process, and without the correct technique, it can be outright dangerous. But don’t worry, we have the removal process down to a tea.

Here’s how we do it.

First things first, assess what needs to be done. What needs to be dismantled, what’s particularly fragile, what’s our main point of access. Then we start to get everything into boxes (assuming you chose the professional packing option). We use different types of boxes depending upon the requirements (see our packaging materials page). Small boxes for books, bigger boxes for lighter items and wardrobe boxes for clothes.

Once we’ve packed the boxes to the right weight we seal them with a sellotape. Then we write the name of each room and any other info that’s needed on the box. This makes it easier for us to know where to put them in the new house, and easier for you when you want to find the TV remote! Once we’ve packed everything that can be packed we load up the van with the boxes.

Then we move on to the furniture. Some pieces will need to be dismantled (see our furniture dismantling page) before we load them onto the van. Normally these are beds, wardrobes and entertainment units. Washing machines and dishwashers need to be disengaged, and fridge freezers need to be emptied and turned off.  Once we’ve successfully dismantled all of the furniture we can start thinking about packing the van.

Loading vans is a fine art that we’ve mastered over time. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. You need to figure out exactly how to stack chairs, tables and sofas in order to keep the load safe from collapse and to achieve optimal space efficiency. We use thick dust covers to stop any damage from rubbing furniture and strap down any loose items that could cause a problem in transit.

With your furniture and belongings safely stacked inside our van, we drive to your new home.