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When it comes to moving home, you want to ensure that your furniture arrives in one piece. You may have spent weeks, months, or years making sure that no muddy shoes touch your sofa, and checking that pets stay clear of your tidy bed. Moving home does expose your furniture to the elements and risk of damage, but there are steps you can take to avoid muddy wardrobes and dirty dressing tables. One of the most efficient ways to protect your belongings is to use plastic wrap. In this article titled wrapping furniture in plastic wrap to move, Removals Mitcham will help you get a good idea of how to go by this process.

Can you wrap furniture in plastic?

Plastic wrap is a flexible film that is often used as a packing material. It is ideal for wrapping furniture as it protects items from liquids and dirt. It has many advantages that makes it a better choice over other material. Alternatively, you can also book our removals team from Removal Packing Service Mitcham to come and assist you with this.

How to plastic wrap furniture for moving

If you are moving furniture, appliances, and larger items, you should wrap them in bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect delicate features such as embroidery or buttons and screens. Plastic wrap can be used to secure the protective layer, so it remains in place. When using plastic wrap, you should make sure that the item is completely dry to avoid damage from condensation.
Plastic wrap is a great material for keeping cupboard doors and drawers closed during the move. This will make transporting the furniture to your new home even easier. You can even use plastic packing wrap for keeping together smaller moving boxes and furniture parts to be unpacked on arrival.

What to use to wrap furniture for moving?

To properly protect your furniture, you should use plastic wrap that is designed for packing and moving home. As we discussed above, you can also use blankets or sheets to provide a soft protective layer for your furniture. If you do this, finish with a layer of plastic wrap to keep the blanket secure.

How much plastic wrap do I need for my move?

How much plastic wrap you need depends on the number and size of the furniture pieces you are moving. So, when you need to think about wrapping furniture in plastic wrap to move, then you should consider the length, width, and gauge. This is for the plastic you will need, of course. To keep you on the loop, check out our range of packaging products from Packaging Supplies Mitcham.

As plastic wrap is inexpensive and widely available, you can simply pick up another if you find you need more. Armed with a roll of plastic packing tape, you can make light work of your packing and home moving process.