How Long is London Bus – Mitcham has the longest bus in London

How Long is London Bus?  This photograph has been taken by one of the Mitcham Removals teams on their way to customer. If you look at it closely you will notice that there are two exactly the same buses stacked in the traffic jam. Considering that the two buses shown on the photograph are of the same number and going toward the same destination, this is probably the longest bus in London in terms of the number of people both vehicles can accept on board and in terms of the aggregated length of both vehicles.

Why does this matter?

The point is that some of London’s bus spotters have a good reason to be happy seeing the photo illustrating the longest bus in London. The ordinary commuters on the other hand, especially those using buses going to Lavender Hill (as illustrated on the photograph) have very good reason to complain to TFL for their time being wasted. If those buses of the same number stop at the same time at the same bus stop their schedule is definitely messed up.

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