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  • Mitcham Removals

    This is Rick and Patrick, the founders of Mitcham Removals. The boys were born and bred in Mitcham, and know the area like the back of their hands (although they’ve normally got their gloves on). Patrick is no stranger to the removals game. He was offering his man in van services in and around Mitcham for years before the company was started. Although his customers praised him and were happy to hire him again, Patrick kept the work at the same level. He didn’t consider expanding as an option. ...
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To facilitate the process of moving in Mitcham

We want to make moving as easy as possible for you. So sit back and relax. We’ve got it sorted!

To reduce the cost of moving in Mitcham

Moving can be expensive. But not with us! We strive to help you move as cheaply and easily as possible. Easy!


always professionally prepared

All of our staff are expertly trained to deal with every aspect of the move. We have packers, drivers and workers ready and prepared for any situation you can throw at them. You don’t want any inexperienced person handling your precious belongings. No. You want a pro, someone that knows what they’re doing. Someone that laughs in the face of a challenge. Someone that’s seen it all before. Someone that’s prepared. That’s why you choose us. We know how to do the job, and do it well.

We are local

Mitcham based team

Keep it local. That’s our motto. And it’s easy when we come from the Mitcham area. We offer you the expertise and in-depth to knowledge of the area that you only get from actually living here to make your move easier. We think it’s better like that. Once you’ve used our service you’ll wonder how you never noticed us before. We’re all over Mitcham, it’s our area. Our company started and grew in these streets. And it’s you, the people of Mitcham, that have made it possible.

Fully Comprehensive Moving

Packaging, packing and moving

We give you the whole package (excuse the pun). Every aspect of the move can be taken care by us. Don’t want to spend time packing boxes? Fine. We offer a professional packing service, free packaging and a removals service all in one. It makes the whole process a lot easier for you.

And because our company deals with the entire process we can offer it to you at a very reasonable price. We deal with every aspect of your move, so that you don’t have to.

The sevices we offer


Fully Comprehensive Moving Service

Our removals team are trained and equipped with specialist tools so they can deal with the most unusual types of furniture removals Mitcham.


Packing Service Available

Professional packers pack things carefully and fast. Probably faster than you can do. Hire us for few hours to pack things for you.


Delivery of Packaging Materials

Why would you drive and carry heavy packaging materials for your move if you can have all you need for your move delivered to your door by us.


Furniture Dismantled and Reassembled

Wardrobes (even the sliding doors ones), beds and all the the furniture can be dismantled by us with no extra charge.


Sales Invoices Approved by HMRC

And of course, a single sales invoice with all services offered will be given to when the jobs is done. You might be able to discount the cost of removal from business overheads.