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Its all about removals in Mitcham. All the services needed for moving house all in one.

Mitcham Removals

This is Rick and Patrick, the founders of Mitcham Removals. The boys were born and bred in Mitcham, and know the area like the back of their hands (although they’ve normally got their gloves on).
Patrick is no stranger to the removals game. He was offering his man in van services in and around Mitcham for years before the company was started. Although his customers praised him and were happy to hire him again, Patrick kept the work at the same level. He didn’t consider expanding as an option.

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Furniture Assembly Mitcham

Moving large pieces of furniture sometimes requires dismantling and reassembly. This can be a daunting task to carry out by yourself and potentially disastrous if you overlook aspects of the process. Not for us though! Mitcham Removal’s know-how and experience makes furniture assembly Mitcham: dismantling, transportation and reassembly of these items quick, safe and easy. Doing this by yourself can be difficult. Did you enjoy spending an entire afternoon putting together that cupboard from IKEA? What about when you realised a screw was missing? Without the...
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Packaging Supplies Mitcham

Packaging materials are important. So have a look at what we use. When you think packaging materials you might just think box, sellotape and bubble wrap. You’re nearly there, but there are some other important materials we use as well. Here’s a list of Packaging Supplies Mitcham we offer.          


They’re the most important piece of our packaging tool box. We have them in all shapes and sizes, specifically designed to optimise safety and space. And they pack down nice and flat when you're done with them...
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