Mitcham Moving Company

We’re really proud of our twelve-man team.  Back at the beginning, when it was just two men and a transit van, our reputation and value for money meant that work was never in short supply. It’s amazing how much demand there is for a customer oriented removals company.

To keep up with this demand we’ve employed more and more people. Not wanting to lose our customer oriented service we’ve made sure that each new member is just as focussed on customer satisfaction as we are. And they are. Not only that, but we made sure that they had the experience required to carry out their roles.

Well, since joining us they’ve gone above and beyond. They were amazing to start with, but after working with us for a number of years they’ve just got better. We really believe that you can’t find a nicer, more experienced and well-oiled team as we have here at Mitcham Removals.

You’ll never be left sour after a conversation with us. We know what you want and we know how to do it. Have a read through their bios and get to know them a bit. It’s always nice to know a bit about the company you’re paying to do your removals, don’t you think?

mitcham removals CliveClive– customer service manager

Clive is the customer service manager. He’s the point of call for anyone wishing to use our services, and he’ll be the man giving you your quote. Customer service has always been a part of Clive, ever since his first job as a waiter. Good thing we’ve got him manning our phones.



mitcham removals PeterPeter – removals work coordinator & cofounder

Peter’s the man that assesses the work to be done, figures the best way to do it and sends everyone off to their job. If it wasn’t for him we’d all be driving all over the place and packing cats into boxes (not really, but he likes to think that!).



mitcham removals LarisaLarisa – finance officer

Larisa’s good with money, and that’s good for us. She looks after our finances and keeps everything ticking over so that we can focus on delivering our high quality removals service. You can thank Larisa for the cheap price you’ll be quoted!



mitcham removals AndrewAndrew – driver

Andrew’s the man. He started worked for IKEA as a driver his experience speaks for itself. He’s lived in Mitcham all of his life, so there’s no chance of him getting lost. There’s a bit of friendly competition going on between him and Lourival, our other driver.



mitcham removals LourivalLourival – driver

Lourival helps us transport your stuff from A-B. He’s got tons of driving experience, so we know that your belongings are safe in his hands. He knows Mitcham better than a black cab driver, the sat nav’s just for emergencies (last time we checked it was dustier than our video cassettes player).



mitcham removals CleverClever – team member & cofounder

Clever is one our oldest team members. He’s one of the guys that’ll be dismantling your bed and moving your fridge. Luckily he’s an expert. His time with us has shaped him into the lean mean transporting machine he is today.



mitcham removals MonicaMonica– packing specialist

Monica is our packing specialist. She knows which items to put in which boxes and exactly how much she can fit in there to reach the optimum weight. Seeing her whizzing around the kitchen packing forks, knives and spoons is a bit like watching Usain Bolt at the olympics. Before you know it she’ll be finished.



mitcham removals SimonySimony – packing specialist

Simony is our second packing specialist. With all the work we have we couldn’t just hire one packing expert could we? Simony knows how to keep your fragiles safe and secure in the boxes. Your expensive wine glasses are safe with her!



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